10 Free Social Media Tools You Should Try in 2017

Posted by Natalie Potter on Jan 16, 2017 12:41:00 PM
Natalie Potter
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With ever-changing landscape of social media and its undeniable growing importance for businesses, it is becoming more difficult to keep an eye out trends, monitor your brand, share engaging content and interact with your followers WHILE running your business on daily basis.

Our affordable bespoke packages will help you to take care of that, but if you don’t have a budget, here’s a couple of our top picks for social media management tools you might want to check out to simplify the process and save some time, while following the key digital trends and content goals. So what should you use & why?


1. Quuu - because you don’t have come up with everything yourself. This amazing community hand-curates the content for you depending on your market and interest. You can then share on your social and keep your audience in the loop!

2. Adobe Spark - because visuals are key. Free tool to help you create great animated videos, images and web stories in minutes. Templates provided.

3. Rocketium - because video is king. This tool will help you turn your images and text into stunning videos (think Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos).

4. Pixabay - because some things in life do come free. Pixabay is a database of over 780,000 free high-quality photos, vectors, illustrations and videos you can freely use for any purpose.

5. Gifs - because sense of humour engages better than cold marketing messages. Everybody loves a funny gif and with this tool you can create your custom GIFs or turn any social or live video into one.

6. Rebrandly - because you want people to reach you easily. Rebrandly is a URL shortener for sharing long, complex URLs by turning them into branded and memorable ones.

7. Yala - because you want to get maximum impact. Yala is a Slack bot that shares your content at the best time for maximum exposure and engagement.

8. Ghost Browser - because you want to multitask. This every-day browser for tech pros allows you to manage multiple accounts in one browser without having to log out and log in again.

9. Twitter Engage - because you can’t just talk, you need to listen too. Great standalone on-the-go app helps you understand and grow your audience; highlights important mentions and provides more data.

10. Intellifluence - because you need the right people to spread the word. Great tool for connecting with the right influencers for your brand - tailored to your level, making it viable for small-medium businesses. (Free 14-day trial. $9/month after)

Written by: Natalie Potter (brand strategist / director)

Email Natalie at Natalie@identitycreative.com.au - or call 0409 996 087

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