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Demystifying Digital - Make Your Marketing Work Harder

Posted by Craig Edwards on Nov 14, 2017 9:26:00 AM

Make it earn its keep. Measurement based Marketing with Technology.

With digital being the main focus today as well as constant technology innovations - it’s hard to keep up isn’t it? Whether we like it or not, technology is moving so fast, both for the consumer and for businesses that are trying to win and keep customers as well as induce purchase behaviour/sales.

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When is it time to move on from your e-commerce platform? 5 signs you need to move on..

Posted by Craig Edwards on Aug 17, 2017 1:10:00 PM

Getting an e-commerce store these days is as easy as going online, choosing a pre-existing template, punching in a credit card and BOOM! - you’re on your way! Many templates are great for small business but there’s limits to their productivity and flexibility.

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Understanding your brand

Posted by Craig Edwards on May 2, 2017 12:53:00 PM

We see it often, brands that have mixed messages and inconsistent or disjointed imagery - this happens when brands lack understanding about themselves and their audience. 

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Where Brands Fail & Where Brands Shine!

Posted by Craig Edwards on Jan 31, 2017 12:47:00 PM

Building strong brands is an evolutionary process. It takes time, ideally some consumer insights and research and many factors need to be considered. Until recently, a lot of businesses spent their entire focus on  creating a brand identity, i.e. how it looks.

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