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Posted by Natalie Potter on Jun 8, 2017 1:04:00 PM
Natalie Potter
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Market insights is a valuable discipline to ensure your marketing ideas, your brand, and its products and services will be liked by your customers, exceed their expectations and build brand loyalty. Getting the formula right from the start will maximise your brand’s performance and your overall marketing confidence.


These days it’s not about selling the product or service to customers; it’s about ensuring the product and service meets the needs and wants of the customers in the first place. Long gone are days of marketing simply being a selling technique or just making the product and then pushing it out to the market, thinking we can make your potential customers believe they want it or need it. With customers’ marketing savviness, increased competitive marketplaces and the overwhelming choice of brands and products, it is crucial for brands to resonate, provide answers to problems, give them joy, and even make dreams come true. Consequently, delving and asking questions like: who is my target market, what do they like and dislike, what do they need and want - is a must-do first step.


Seeking your market’s opinions at brand inception; as well as gathering their feedback about brand identities, new products or services, how they consume or purchase, how they feel about your competitors – ensures you are on the right path - with a competitive edge. By keeping an eye on competitors and the industry, you will understand the ever-changing consumer market better and what motivates your customers, thereby vastly improving your marketing strategy.


Most brands have at their disposal data from various sources but it’s not always utilized or read correctly. Basic analytics tools like Google Analytics for your website, or analytics for Facebook, will tell you not only what your customers are doing on your website and where they coming from etc. – but also their age, gender, interests, their activity time online. All that data is fantastic, however nothing compares to the human mind and collective opinion – those insights then make enormous in-roads to build strategy based on a true market understanding.


Our new package - BEAM Insights delves into your customer’s psyche - giving you valuable insight into their world, their likes and dislikes, their mindset and purchasing behaviour. BEAM gathers vital feedback on your brand and your products & services. Hear it directly from the horse’s mouth and gain constructive insights that will help you improve your brand positioning and future communications. We use various forms of data collection: mystery shopping, online surveys and feedback forms as well as focus groups. Get in touch today to set your brand on track!


Written by: Natalie Potter (brand strategist / director)

Email Natalie at Natalie@identitycreative.com.au - or call 0409 996 087

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