6 Planning Tips for a Strong Marketing Strategy in 2018

Written by Natalie Potter

As you consider 2018 planning and your marketing priorities for the new year, it’s important to reflect on marketing trends and insights to assess how...

Demystifying Digital - Make Your Marketing Work Harder

Written by Craig Edwards

Make it earn its keep. Measurement based Marketing with Technology.

With digital being the main focus today as well as constant technology innovations...

Why is integrated marketing more important than 
ever before?

Written by Natalie Potter

While integrated marketing has been understood as the most effective strategy for marketing since the 70’s, the digital landscape has completely...

BEAM’s top 5 ways to out-smart and out-perform your competitors.

Written by Natalie Potter

A competitive advantage provides an edge over rivals and is key to out-performing your competitors. It provides the ability to generate greater value...

When is it time to move on from your e-commerce platform? 5 signs you need to move on..

Written by Craig Edwards

Getting an e-commerce store these days is as easy as going online, choosing a pre-existing template, punching in a credit card and BOOM! - you’re on...


Written by Natalie Potter

Traffic is your website's bread and butter, you can't convert if you don't have visitors flowing through your cyber door.  We are often asked about...

Which social media channels are right for your brand?

Written by Natalie Potter

There’s so many social media channels out there and so little time – when choosing the medium to communicate with your customers you have to pick...

Understanding your customers & getting a competitive edge

Written by Natalie Potter

Market insights is a valuable discipline to ensure your marketing ideas, your brand, and its products and services will be liked by your customers,...

How to work the season – BEAM’s top 7 winter marketing ideas

Written by Natalie Potter

Winter is coming! While some businesses have geared up for EOFY sales or taxation returns, many experience a lull in business and slowdown in customer...

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